Georgia Institute of Technology


The Georgia Tech Broadband Institute is a multidisciplinary center that seeks to understand and advance the ever-evolving array of broadband technologies and services.

The Institute brings together the best minds in academia and industry to define significant research problems in all aspects of broadband communications. Areas of expertise span wireless and optical systems and multimedia communications, including the contemporary themes of sensor networks, cognitive radio, information security, distribution of personalized content, mobile gaming, and such diverse residential applications as Three-Screen and 3D-Television, and Aging-in-Place. These technology and application themes are complemented by programs involving multiple peer centers across the Georgia Tech campus. These activities cover broadband policy and economics, and the visualization of dynamics and interconnections in the broadband communications ecosystem.

Leading-edge facilities enabled by seed funding by the Georgia Research Alliance provide practical training to students while promoting compelling versions of industry relevant research. Industry investments in our programs are leveraged by significant funding of broadband research from federal agencies.